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Colombia El Paraiso Lot 3 Coffee

Grapefruit Mixed Florals Papaya & Mango Strawberry
Dispatched from Surf Shop Roastery
(earns 80 Taste Points)
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Available: wholebeans only (omni-roasted, so is suitable for both espresso and filter brew methods).

El Paraiso lot 3 is a coffee that can cheer up any grey rainy day (we trust Surf Shop know what they are talking as Hamburgs rains on average about 190 days a year).

This season, they're happy to get El Paraiso lot 3 back in stock. The main stimulus to source it again and again is its straight forward strawberry flavour. Its aroma, flavour and aftertaste are outstanding, while it also gets a high score for sweetness, uniformity, body, balance & acidity. 

Castillo varietal has a high acidity with well pronounced citrus notes and hint of florals, which are reminiscent of fresh grapefruit juice, but also has a range of tropical fruits that Surf Shop have chosen to identify as mangosteen and osmanthus blossoms. The double anaerobic process contributes into mellowing and marring flavours.

Diego Samuel Bermudez Tapia mastered modulation of cup flavours by working with the pH, culture, microorganisms and temperature, as well also experimenting with fermentation by non-traditional methods. Over last few years, El Paraiso have sold lots of coffee at a record price at the auctions and gained a history of prominent places in competitions all over the world. 

Diego Samuel’s family - his wife, two daughters and two brothers - are devoted to coffee and together they work to continue evolving in production.

  • Flavours: Mashed strawberry, Pink grapefruit, Mangosteen, Osmanthus blossom 
  • Origin: El Paraiso, Cauca, Colombia
  • Varietal: Castillo
  • Process: Double anaerobic
  • Cupping score: 89.75
Brightness of Flavours
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Creamy or Silky
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