Colombian Coffee

Black & Redcurrant Cocoa Mixed Berries
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Coffee in Colombia is grown in four regions that differ on altitude between each other. Huila Coffee is grown in the region of the same name. Huila department is located on the south west of Colombia and borders the departments of Tolima, Cudinamarca, Meta, Caquetá, and Cauca. The region is located in between the eastern and central mountain range which gives a variety of altitudes for coffee to be grown.

This fertile area of Colombia receives water from the great Magdalena River and it also has origin denomination that guarantees its high-quality production. The coffee is grown at an altitude of around 1500-1980masl and includes varieties Colombia, Typica, Castilla, and Caturra. It is processed using the wet method with 30 hours fermentation and hand-picked.

The Colombia Huila offers a clean aroma followed by bright acidity and a complete, round body. Citrics and dark berries are the predominant notes on the taste in a filter, alongside milk chocolate and a subtle cherry flavor at the end in an espresso. A coffee worth to try and a classic staple Colombian!

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