Colombia Quindio Collective Coffee

Apple Caramel Tangerine & Orange
Dispatched from Redemption
(earns 45 Taste Points)
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This Quindío Sugarcane Decaf blend from Colombia’s Quindío Department is the epitome of what great decaf can be. With a full-body, a variety of fruit notes and a sweet finish, this decaf pleases even the sceptic among us.

Quindío is part of a region known as the Eje Cafetero, the Colombian Coffee Growing Axis, or Coffee Triangle, which historically produced most of the country’s coffee. This Decaf Quindío Blend marries the varied attributes of coffees grown throughout the municipalities of Calarcá, Córdoba, Pijao and Génova, which run north to south, composing the eastern flank of the department where it borders with Tolima.


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Flavours: Orange, Red Apple, Caramel
Origin: Quindio, Colombia
Varietal: Colombia, Castillo, Caturra
Process: Sugar Cane Decaffeination process
Altitude: 1500-2000 masl

    Brightness of Flavours
    Bright & Crisp
    Full Bodied & Rich
    Balance of Flavours
    Well Balanced