Oscar One Espresso Pods (12 Pack)

Cane Cocoa Honey
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Brazil does coffee very differently from the rest of the world because of the many regions, farmers, and exporters who combine to produce many different qualities. Most of our Brazils are sourced from Mogiana and Cerrado. It is a region where some exceptionally sweet lots can be found. Cerrado coffees are typically fine and clean, with a good body.

Our traceability efforts have definitely paid off: We traced our Cemorrado to one farm, Fazenda Santiago in Patos de Minas. In 1979 farmer Elmiro Alves do Nascimento inherited the Fazenda Santiago, in the Alto Paranaíbas Region, having his 239 hectares of land formed on pasture for breeding of free cattle and dairy. In 2003, Elmiro decided to start a new project on his farm: coffee. He started to plant Arabica coffee on an 8-hectare plot, which over time has expanded to almost 200 hectares.

These Nespresso®-compatible pods will give you the perfect brew whether you like straight espresso, or you prefer a longer coffee – just add freshly boiled filtered water. Remember to give the pods a little shake before adding to the machine to ensure the coffee is fluffy and ready to brew!

12 pods per pack.

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Flavours: Cocoa, Honey, Cane Sugar
Origin: Patos de Minas, Brazil
Varietal: Mundo Novo
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1200 masl
    Brightness of Flavours
    Smooth & Gentle
    Full Bodied & Rich
    Balance of Flavours
    With Dominant Flavours