Aylesbury Blend Coffee

Apricot Cocoa Marzipan & Nougat Sugars White Chocolate
Americas (Multi Regions)
Dispatched from Redemption
(earns 45 Taste Points)
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Redemption Roasters filter coffees are handpicked from single origin farms from around the world and released on a seasonal basis. This results in you getting an exciting and fresh range of coffee all year round.

A classic medium-roasted espresso blend combines Brazillian, Ugandan and Honduran beans, to create a solid all-rounder, equally delicious as espresso or with milk.

  • Flavours: Marzipan, Dried Apricot, Creamy, White Chocolate
  • Origin: Brazil, Uganda and Honduras
  • Roast: Espresso

Brightness of Flavours
Balanced & Pleasing
Medium Balanced
Balance of Flavours
Well Balanced