Puck Puck 500ml Replacement Water Vessel

Kitchenware Travel Friendly
Dispatched from PUCKPUCK
(earns 80 Taste Points)
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The 500ml Water Vessel is a direct replacement for the one that comes with the full PUCKPUCK system or can be purchased to upgrade a PUCKPUCK solo to a full system.

The Water Vessel screws into the PUCKPUCK and comes with a lid to avoid any particles getting into the brew water.

  • 500ml Water Vessel
  • Made from food grade (BPA free) plastic
  • Only works when combined with the PUCKPUCK (not included) and AeroPress® Coffee Maker (not included)
  • Comes in PUCKPUCK neutral colour

The PUCKPUCK was developed by PuckPuck Ltd. and is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by AeroPress, Inc.

AeroPress® Coffee Maker is a registered trademark of AeroPress, Inc.