Sumatra Burni Telong Coffee

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Brand / Roaster: Poblado Coffi

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Notes: Grapefruit, raisin, raw honey & nutmeg

This lot has been selected from a 60 strong farmer group, who grow their coffee in Aceh, Northern Sumatra.

Situated under the shadows of the Burni Telong which translates as ‘Fire Volcano’ this coffee has been curated by a local collector working out of the Sub District of Karang Rejo.  This lot is compromised of 60 farmers who all each harvest coffee from their small 0-1 ha farms which are in the sub districts of Karang Rejo, Panji Mulia & Babbusalam Redelong. Unlike many supply chains in Sumatra all the coffee is milled and bagged in the town of Takengon unlike much of coffee from this region where this usual occurs in Medan a 12 hour drive away.

The coffee is semi washed and wet-hulled, a process that involves the part- drying of freshly pulped beans before removing the parchment then allowing the swollen and ‘blanched’ beans to be sun-dried to a deep green colour. A very deep and full bodied coffee is the result with a prominent smokey dark chocolate flavour.

Mahdi is passionate about showcasing what the coffee has to offer from this region and he is also part of a local consultancy group called the Gayo Cuppers Team who act as an independent body assessing coffees for other exporters and groups. The group also runs an academy course every year for three days to educate and encourage the next generation of coffee experts in the region.

  • Farm: Burni Telong
  • Variety: Tim Tim, Caturra & Typica
  • Location: Karang Rejo, Aceh
  • Altitude: 1600m
  • Process: Semi Washed / giling basah

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