Colombia Alto De Macana Coffee

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Brand / Roaster: Poblado Coffi

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Notes: Grapefruit, pineapple, cane sugar and a syrupy body

Omar Humberto Hoyos Gallego Cedula lives on his farm Alto De Mecana at an altitude of 1950 masl in the area of Buenos Aires, Antioquia.

On his 1.3 Ha farm he has 7000 trees with mixed varieties. During the harvest he collects ripe cherry before de-pulping in and leaving it to ferment for 12 hours before then adding the next days selection and leaving this for 24 hours in what is known as 'pastel' (cake in Spanish) fermentation. Once the coffee is ready it is then washed and cleaned 4 times before being then transferred to his drying patio on the roof of the house for 7 -10 days weather depending. Once dried it is 45 minutes by foot to the local collection point where the coffee is delivered.

As part of the cooperative they receive an extra initial payment for delivering the coffee in smaller parchment sizes. After this they will then receive a secondary payment of 60% of the profits once the final sale has been achieved.

  • Farm: Alto De Macana
  • Varietal: Castillo, Colombia & Caturra
  • Location: Andes, Antioquia
  • Altitude: 1950m
  • Process: Washed
  • Owner: Omar Humberto Hoyos Gallego Cedula

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