Nicolás Ramirez Ramirez Guatemala Filter Roast Coffee

Brand / Roaster: Pharmacie Coffee Roasters

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Honeysuckle aroma with smooth peachy notes of nectarine and coconut rum. Owner: Nicolás Ramirez Ramirez. Process: Washed. Type Bourbon, Caturra, Pache. Altitude: 2050 MASL.

Quejina has been in the family for many years, starting with Nicolas' great grandfather. It is nestled in the dense forest of Petatán. Harvesting coffee in this altitude & region presents many difficulties. During the season between the months of Feb-May, Nicolas brings his coffee to the bodega in Huehue. Nicolás Ramirez Ramirez owns the 25-manzana farm Quejiná, where he has three different varieties planted: Bourbon, Caturra, & Pache. He Is interested in creating more potential for microlots by investing in new varieties as well as buying annexes of land to grow more trees.

After the harvest on Quejiná, the coffee is depulped the same day, then dry fermented for 18–24 hours. The coffee is washed three times with fresh water, then placed on either patios or nylon to dry in the sun for 3.5–4.5 days, weather depending.

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