Gelana Abaya 15 Ethiopia Espresso Roast Coffee

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Brand / Roaster: Pharmacie Coffee Roasters

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Marzipan aroma with intense notes of honeydew melon, prickly pear and guava. Station: Gizaw & Frehiwot Mekonnen. Process: Fully Washed. Type: Heirloom. Altitude: 1688 masl.

Tore is a washing station in the kabele Tore in Gelana Abaya, Yirgacheffe. Gizaw is active at the sites through the whole season, He has great knowledge of every aspect of the site, processing and the local communities surrounding the washing station. Gizaw & Frehiwot started to actively work on processing, quality control and traceability some years ago waiting for a political shift allowing producers to sell directly to importers and finally in 2017 it was liberalized.

They are progressive on quality production at their own sites and they also enter contracts with coffee farmers and local processors to produce coffees in accordance with the method of processing advised by them or us as buyers. The coffees are separated according to the days and areas of harvest, by the farm or by producer groups as well as by preparation.

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