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Kinnettles Gold Scottish Grown Loose Leaf Black Tea (2019 Harvest)

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Origin(s): Scotland Sri Lanka (Ceylon) United Kingdom
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Tea Type: Black Tea
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Does this include caffeine? Yes, this tea contains caffeine
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Kinnettles Gold Scottish Grown Loose Leaf Black Tea (2019 Harvest)

2019 Harvest

Kinnettles Gold is a unique, Scottish grown single estate tea. This distinctly flavoured tea is grown and hand-rolled on Kinnettles Farm in Angus by Susie Walker-Munro. It has been produced since 2015 in batches of less than 2kg per year.

Only 2kg of the tea was produced in 2019, which are exclusively available from PekoeTea in limited-edition 20g tins and 5g samples.

Kinnettles Gold tea has been processed using secret techniques, specially-developed for the Scottish climate with the help of tea consultant Beverly-Claire Wainwright, who has worked on producing the exquisite teas from Amba estate in Sri Lanka. Beverly’s philosophy is to match processing methods to suit the terroir, rather than copying methods from other countries.

As Scotland’s terroir is unique, Beverly and Susie have created unique processing methods to ensure the tea lives up to its full taste potential.

True to its name, the hand-rolled, golden tipped leaves infuse to a rich golden liquor.

More Details:
Altitude: 121m
Harvest Date: 2019
Region: Angus, Scotland
Cultivar: sinensis mixed including ex Soviet Georgian and Soviet clone Kolkhida

Brewing Instructions

Scales Thermometer Jug Timer
2-3g (1-2 tsp)


200ml 3-5 mins
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