La Huella Pulped Natural Coffee

(earns 90 Taste Points)
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Flavours: Chocolate & Sugars Fruits
Notes: Grapefruit Sugars Tangerine & Orange
Origin(s): Nicaragua
Brightness of Flavours
Bright & Crisp
Medium Balanced
Balance of Flavours
Well Balanced
Coffee Specification
Roast Profile:
Processing Method: Natural
Cupping Score:
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Does this include caffeine? Yes, this product contains caffeine
Is this coffee available as pre-ground? Yes, pre-ground options available
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La Huella Pulped Natural Coffee

La Huella translates as ‘the footprint’ in Spanish. It sits on a small plateau inside the Los Altos farm which is at the heart of so much of what Origin do.

By concentrating their focus on this little plateau, the ripeness of the coffee cherries can be carefully monitored, to develop a fantastic flavour profile. This plateau also benefits from a consistent climate, which means that the coffee develops similar compounds in each bean for razor-sharp clarity of flavour.

This coffee was picked and placed in water overnight to prevent fermentation. Once the coffee cherries are de-pulped, the coffee is dried and turned four times a day on black coloured polymeric material net that allowed air to pass between the ground and the coffee. The coffee is then moved to raised African beds to dry for 12 to 15 days under 50% shade until the humidity drops below 12.5%.

Origin create a new and unique profile for each coffee they roast. Although the profiles are different, their approach is always the same - to highlight and accentuate the flavours created at the farm and mill. This means they don’t label their coffees as espresso, filter, dark or light roast. All of their coffees are omni-roast so are meant to be delicious however you brew. Origin believe the heart of speciality is keeping the identity and character of every coffee intact and alive, no matter the brew method.

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Flavours: Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Cane Sugar
Origin:  Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Varietal: Yellow Pacamara
Process: Pulped natural
Altitude: 1315 masl

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