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Susana Peru Coffee

Papaya & Mango
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Available: 200g only.

Tasting notes: Wild strawberry, Stewed Rhubarb & Mango

We take our first trip to Peru to bring you the 'Susana' from San Jose de Lourdes, Northern Peru. Named after the coffee producer who owns and farms this coffee with her family, Susana each year dedicates a small 1.5 hectare plot of land to produce exceptionally flavoured coffee not always associated with Peru.

The 'Susana' unlike the rest of Peruvian coffee is unique due to the environment at which it has been grown. Blessed with cooler climate and higher rainfall in the El Diamante village, the coffee has inherited a fruity richness bursting with tang.

  • Recommendation

Washed processed coffees tend to work better for espresso based drinks but given the fruity nature of this coffee it works nicely on filter. We would recommend any filter brew method but using a V60 goes down particularly well to bring out the clarity in flavour.

We recommend consuming this coffee between weeks 2 to 4 after its roast date, but of course, try it before or after too.


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