Clear Plastic Hario V60 Pour Over Dripper 02

Kitchenware Travel Friendly
Dispatched from Hario
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Whether you are a world champion barista or a coffee enthusiast at home, the Hario V60 plastic dripper offers you the chance to experience your favourite coffee beans with a fresh new taste. This particular plastic v60 dripper is lightweight and ideal for travelling. It offers great value for your money and allows you to experiment with your brewing techniques for less. The Hario coffee dripper produces more extraction than the flannel filter and is delivered to you in a well packaged box with a free measuring spoon.

  • 1x Hario V60 dripper
  • Plastic lightweight body
  • Durable
  • Capacity for 1 to 4 cups
  • Box with a manual
  • FREE measuring spoon

Hario has been producing great coffee equipment since 1921 and V60 ceramic coffee dripper is one of their finest inventions. There is a reason why the plastic coffee dripper is so popular amongst baristas and that reason is simple – fantastic coffee. One of the most popular entry level V60s, this coffee dripper from Hario is made out of plastic and allows you to brew delicious coffee at home or while travelling. It features a hole in the centre of the cone to allow your coffee to be brewed evenly. 

The V-shaped cone has a spiral design causing maximum extraction during the pour-over. At first, it might seem like a complicated process to brew coffee this way but after using the plastic coffee dripper once or twice, you will discover, that the brewing process is actually simple. The plastic V60 coffee dripper helps you to brew great coffee within couple minutes. All you have to do is insert filters into the V60 cone, add the coffee and pour some water over evenly to extract all the goodness from the grinded coffee beans.

For help in how to use a Hario V60 Pour Over Dripper, visit our Filter Pour Over brewing guide.