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Hojicha 50g Loose Leaf Green Tea

Caramel Honey
Dispatched from Good & Proper Tea
(earns 30 Taste Points)
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Available: 50g only.

Our award-winning loose leaf Hojicha is a roasted, Japanese green tea. The chestnut-brown liquor has hints of honey and caramel, as well as toasty notes of cedar wood. The roasting process also removes much of the caffeine making this is a lovely, rounded cup for after dinner.

Unlike other green teas, this tea is roasted after production, making it light and rich all at once.

Reinfuse up to 3 times. 

Origin: Japan

50g | 20 cups per pack | £0.15 per cup (based on two infusions)


Brightness of Flavours
Creamy or Silky
Balance of Flavours
With Dominant Flavours