Fausto Romo, Rare Varietal, Ecuador, Filter Roast Coffee

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Brand / Roaster: Pharmacie Coffee Roasters

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Tasting Notes: Lychee & nashi pear juiciness with a soft mouthfeel & rich baker's chocolate body

PROCESS: Fully Washed
TYPE: Sidra



Olmedo Romo, Fausto’s uncle, was a coffee pioneer in the region of Pichincha, being one of the first people in this region to plant coffee trees. Fausto, on the other hand was dedicated to cattle raising. Olmedo used to tell Fausto that coffee was more profitable, “In my times, I sold my coffee at a really good price.” he said, “I recommend you to take the risk and plant at least one hectare of coffee, it is a profitable and sustainable product.” When Olmedo passed away, his son Ramiro Romo, gave his cousin Fausto several coffee seeds because he knew that his father always wanted Fausto to grow coffee. Fausto decided to plant, not only one hectare of coffee, but his whole farm with the seeds. He wanted to honor his uncle and he had noticed that due to climate change, raising cattle had become harder and less profitable.

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