Wugar Bukonzo Co-op Organic Uganda Coffee

Brand / Roaster: Edge

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Available: 250g only. Flavour Notes: White chocolate, raspberry, nutty.

Coffee Varietal(s): SL14 & SL28; Nyasaland. Coffee Processing: Fully-washed. Farm Altitude: 1,100-1,900 metres above sea level. Farm Owner: Smallholder members of the Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Union.

Women have always been valued and recognised as farmers and household earners by Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Union. In 1999 BJCU initially formed as a microfinance society to alleviate rural poverty, with women counting for 98% of the membership. Despite having the finance to invest in new income-generating activities, BJCU realised that many women members were still unable to really increase their income due to lack of control over assets and decision-making within their households.

To resolve these issues, BCJU encouraged men and women farmers to discuss for the first time how income was shared within the family and how work was shared between husband and wife. Couples used simple visioning tools to develop long-term financial plans that also involved investing in coffee quality. As a direct result coffee quality, coffee yield and family income began to increase. This work has reached all farmers, at all washing stations, and on visiting, the farmers are proud to show and explain their vision plans.

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