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Organic Fairtrade Intense Nespresso-Compatible Coffee Pods

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Available: 10 capsule pack.

Punchy and powerful, our Intense blend is a classic european mix of Arabica & Robusta beans - a traditional Italian espresso with an added kick in the tail".A bold and adventurous coffee with a powerful body that dominates the palate, before finishing on a smoky sweetness that lingers on the tongue.

For years, Italian roasters looking for the ultimate espresso have been including a small amount of Robusta in their blends. When sourced well and carefully roasted, Robustas can add a lot to your coffee experience; creating a much thicker, richer crema than Arabica beans - and their added astringency means that whilst the delicate flavours of many Arabicas are lost when milk is added, the big, bold flavours of Robustas shine through.

  • How To Drink

Enjoy as either a short, black espresso or a longer drink when mixed with milk. With more caffeine than our arabica blends, it also works well as a pre- or post-workout coffee, giving you a shot of energy to fuel your workout when you most need it. Be careful not to pour this coffee too long, however - Robusta is more soluble than Arabica, and over-extraction will leave you with a bitter, burnt cup of coffee.

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