Organic Fairtrade Decaf 10 Coffee Bags

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Brand / Roaster: CRU Kafe

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Available: 10 bags pack only.

Vibrant, deep, and bursting with flavour, our decaf coffee is roasted medium-dark to bring out the best of an overwhelmingly enjoyable Peruvian bean, and an entirely new way to enjoy your favourite cup of CRU.

Naturally light, this Peruvian bean is a fantastically versatile bean with a range and depth perfect for those looking for an enjoyable, easy-drinking decaf. With a nutty, almost malty, aroma and chocolatey base, the first sip gives flavours of a rich tea biscuit, soon making way for a wave of roasted nuts that flows over the tongue. High notes of hazelnut and sweetened honey give way to a clean finish, leaving the palate refreshed and fragrant.

Cru Kafe's coffee bags are the new way to enjoy your favourite cup of CRU Kafe. Packed full of freshly-roasted organic coffee, they're 'tea bags with a twist' - and as close to instant coffee as Cru Kafe are ever likely to come.

All you need to do is pop one of a bag in a mug with some hot water and you'll have a full-bodied, silky smooth filter-style coffee in no time.

  • How To Drink
  • 1 - Open your coffee bag and pop it into your coffee cup
  • 2 - Slowly pour over hot water (just off the boil)
  • 3 - Wait for a few seconds, then give the bag a squeeze & stir
  • 4 - Leave to brew (between 3-5mins is recommended, but feel free to experiment!)
  • 5 - Remove the coffee bag, adding milk & sugar if required.

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