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Development House Espresso Coffee

Blueberry Cacao Caramel Cranberry
Brazil Ethiopia
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(earns 35 Taste Points)
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Craft House Coffee's Development blend was created to deliver a more traditional style of espresso. Keeping the focus on transparency and high-quality arabica, our aim is to produce an espresso to suit a busy fast-paced environment, creating a smooth rich drink interesting enough to be impactful but also good for cutting through 14oz milk-based drinks.

All coffee is packed in 200g, 500g or 1kg foil-lined, valve bags. All coffee orders of 1 x 250g are sent in letter box friendly bag, orders over 1 x 250g are sent in boxes. 

50% Brazil Cerrado

Flavour: Chocolate, Caramel and Blueberry
Origin: Cerrado Mineiro, Brazil
Varietal: Catuai
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1100 masl
Roast: Omni


    - 50% Ethiopia Biloya

    Flavour: Caramel and Blueberry
    Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
    Varietal: Heirloom
    Process: Natural
    Altitude: 1850 masl
    Roast: Omni 
    Brightness of Flavours
    Bright & Crisp
    Medium Balanced
    Balance of Flavours
    Well Balanced