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Myanmar Hopong Long Hay Coffee

(earns 50 Taste Points)
Quick Details
Flavours: Chocolate & Sugars Fruits
Notes: Banana Milk Chocolate Mixed Fruits Papaya & Mango Pineapple
Origin(s): Myanmar
Brightness of Flavours
Smooth & Gentle
Medium Balanced
Balance of Flavours
Well Balanced
Coffee Specification
Roast Profile: Roasted for Espresso Roasted for Filter
Processing Method:
Cupping Score:
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Does this include caffeine? Yes, this product contains caffeine
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Story of Myanmar Hopong Long Hay Coffee

This coffee is only available in wholebeans but as either an espresso or filter roast.

Fed up with having to secretly produce opium for drug-lords so having to balance prosecution by authorities on the one hand and then selling poorly processed coffee to brokers and middlemen on the other, the Hopong farmers decided enough was enough and took a major leap of faith by fully embracing specialty coffee to become truly independent. Incredibly, they learned that neighbouring communities were producing specialty sun-dried natural coffee with help from Winrock, an Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). With unwavering commitment and inquisitiveness, they learnt from these other communities how to elevate quality, secure better incomes and gain visibility in the international specialty coffee market, all with almost no outside funding or training. 

These beans are perfectly selected with absolutely no defects due to the number of workers at the farm that ensure each cherry can be carefully selected by hand.

To ensure you receive the freshest beans possible, Common Greens roast to order. Roasting usually takes place on Wednesdays, therefore your order will be dispatched within a week. 

- Flavours: Tropical fruit, fried banana, milk chocolate-shake
- Origin: Hopong Long Hay, Taunggy District
- Varietal: Arabica S – 795, Catimor, Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon
- Process: Natural
- Altitude: 1100-1600 metres above sea level

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Dispatch: GUSTATORY is not a warehouse. This coffee is roasted fresh and shipped directly from Common Greens
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