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Colombia Mildred Niebles - Microlot Coffee

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Notes: Red Grape, Prune, Honey

Origin: Colombia

Region: Santa Marta, Magdalena

Farmer: Mildred Niebles

Variety: Castillo, Colombia

Altitude: 1080-1090 metres above sea level

Preparation: Honey Processed

UK Exclusive – This organic honey micro-lot is funky and full-bodied, with notes of dark ripe fruits such as prunes and red grapes, finishing with a honey sweetness.

The label is designed by a local print designer, Xanthe Bonsall. Xanthe is a designer and printmaker based in Saltaire, West Yorkshire. Focusing on geometric shape and playful colour, her main source of inspiration stems from a love of Modernist architecture, incorporating sub-cultural references from a large interest in electronic music and rave culture. With a strong eye for colour and a bold signature style, graphic design meets a hands-on approach combining digitally rendered imagery with traditional hand printing processes. Resulting in dynamic prints with a diverse application, in vivid pop colours and clashing patterns with a solid retro aesthetic.

Mildred Niebles is a farmer and also the head of quality for Red Ecolsierra, an organic co-operative located in Santa Marta, Magdalena. She owns a 9 hectares coffee farm in Minca, Santa Marta, and produces mainly washed coffees (10.600 kg of dry parchment washed compared to 460 kg of honey). Mildred is one of the few farm owners of Ecolsierra with a university education and Q-grader certification. She has also raised 3 children as a single mother and was shot at and expelled from her land during the armed conflict.

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