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Panama Finca Deborah Geisha Cascara Nexus Coffee Hyperfood

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Panama Finca Deborah Geisha Cascara Nexus Coffee Hyperfood

“Natural. Energizing. Xenial. Uplifting. Sustainable: The world’s first sustainable coffee and coffee cherry based hyperfood"

Ivica Cvetanovski and Jamison Savage

- Overview

Celebrating life, virtue and sustainability: An honest reflection and intersection of how food choices make us feel in mind, body and spirit. A luminous, resonating and exquisite flavor composition interwoven by tropical fruits to excite all senses and elevate your physical health, mental mind and emotional soul.

In the package you will find a new edible product based on coffee and coffee berries (cascara). The raw material is analyzed by an accredited laboratory. This coffee cherry is 100% natural, bio-dynamically grown, no heavy metal contamination, carries no known carcinogenic substances, no preservatives - an analysis not conducted by the industry. Additionally, in vivo tests and experiments have been successfully performed.

Coffea Circulor have harvested exceptional coffee cherries which hold phenomenal richness in antioxidants. These coffee cherries are grown at high altitude where the sun’s rays are strongest, ensuring they develop a natural immune system to translate into antioxidants. The ambitions, research and results score an impressive top 3 for natural occurring substances in the world (2018).

This product embraces the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. Developed specifically to showcase how a previously considered waste-product’s lifecycle can be reimagined and reintegrated into an extended product’s value chain. NEXUS made its first special appearance at the World Coffee Events in Budapest 2017 where it gathered and attracted feedback from renowned international coffee parties.

The trendy industry takes for granted cascara can be brewed in the form of tea without warning of potential side effects as the pulp in the process of processing can attract undesired organisms and especially if the coffee berry is washed (wet fermented). The coffee cherry can attract bacteria, mold, bugs, etc. Furthermore, the soil in which the coffee (berry) is grown can also be contaminated with unwanted heavy metals. Coffea Circulor have personally been working over 10 years by sampling and analyzing coffee fruit / cascara from various regions. 

Coffea Circulor choose to frame this approach into a category of "hyperfruits". With a registered ORAC value of 262,660 µmol/g which is based on its proprietary drying process. Known substances such as  for example acai has registered ORAC values ​​of approximately 100,000 µmol/g and about 5,000 µmol/g for blueberries. For example, 100g of acai powder costs about 0.2 per gram and has registered significantly lower ORAC values.

Processing protocol development by Jamison Savage of Finca Deborah and Coffea Circulor which required meticulous and complex execution by Jamison. Chemistry and biology advisor on cellular level Storm Lunde. Several advanced and new drying techniques were used in the processing of this unique natural coffee cherry lot. A special, enclosed, drying room was constructed to facilitate this effort. It included the use of ultra-violet lights to reduce mold and over-fermention. Humidity and temperatures were carefully monitored. Manually stirring the cherries every 30 minutes and removing any signs of mold on the grains if detected was vital. Fans were lightly used when humidity levels exceeded 60% to guarantee proper drying of the cherries.

Deborah's Geisha grows slowly on beautiful trees and at an extreme altitude. This allows the cherries to develop its unique characteristics and complex flavor. Harvest season is between February-May and is assisted by BRIX meters. Cherries are scrutinized by color and defects then laid out on clean, raised, African beds where the cherries dry for 25 days to the reach a moisture content of 10.5-11%. The cherries are then hulled and the cascara is tested for water activity, tasted and vacuum packed for unprocessed preservation of the antioxidants.

Furthermore, the coffee fruit is analyzed by an accredited laboratory in Sweden ensuring to certify that no hazardous matter, heavy metals and foreign residue was detected. ORAC/Trolox, phenols and chlorogenic acids were analyzed and documented. Coffea Circulor's processing and research resulted in an extremely nutritious fruit. To illustrate the power and potential of this fruit and their method, consuming 1g of coffee cherry equals to consuming 50g of regular occurring blueberries.

- Additional Information

Ingredients and origin: Cascara (Finca Deborah Geisha Natural), Cashew (Brazil), Cocoa (Cameroon Forastera), Coconut (Sri Lanka), Coffee (Finca Deborah Geisha Natural), Dates (Iran), Oat Fibre (Sweden), Vegetable oil (Sweden). This recipe doesn’t contain refined sugars, artificial colors or preservatives. May contain traces of milk. Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

Flavours: Lavender, orange, toffee, cinnamon
Origin: Volcán, Chiriquí, Panama
Varietal: Geisha, Green Tip
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1950 metres above sea level
Cupping score: 95.00

Cascara: ORAC 262,660 μmol/g
Caffeine 2,500 mg/kg
Total Phenols (Folin-Ciocalteu) 1.37% (w/w).
No pesticide residue detected
Analyzed by accredited laboratory in Sweden.

Made by Panama. Finished in Scandinavia.

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