Nicaragua Cambalache Washed Coffee

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Origin(s): Nicaragua
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Roast Profile:
Processing Method: Honey Pulped Natural Washed
Cupping Score: 84 - 86 / 100. A lovely, high-quality coffee 87 - 89 / 100. A superb coffee You can score this one...
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Does this include caffeine? Yes, this product contains caffeine
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Are there any specific product benefits? Cup of Excellence
Nicaragua Cambalache Washed Coffee

Roasted light based on convection and moderate heat application with world class skill and care. Moderate roast, high front up heat that subsides and a sensational aroma of honey follows us through to the first crack and we shortly afterwards finish the roast. This coffee has a cupping score of 86.5.

- Coffee Overview -

Samuel has many goals for himself and his farm: creating a self-sustainable farm using eco-friendly inputs. He also wishes to see his farm grow and be able to help people in his community by providing job opportunities.

The Zavala family decided to make the move into specialty coffee as they started to participate in Cup of Excellence (CoE). They placed well in every competition each year they participated. CoE has allowed the family to continuously upgrade their plantations, increase the salaries of co-workers and initiated direct relationships with their buyers. Cambalache will keep striving, year-after-year, to obtain higher cup quality to be recognized all over the world.

Harvesting occurs during December and March each year. The cherries of this Caturra are hand picked, moved to the wet mill, pulped and then wet fermented for 10-12 hours. After the fermentation, the coffee is washed and dried 4-5 days until 11% humidity is reached, then sent to the dry mill for hulling and quality control before export.

Samuel is now experimenting with new varieties on the newer plantations in order to diversify his farm. The family invested in a new wet mill so that they could have more space for experimental processing protocols.


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