Coffea Circulor

Ethiopia Gesha Oma Kola Natural Coffee

Apricot Peach Strawberry
Dispatched from Coffea Circulor
(earns 70 Taste Points)
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This coffee is only available as wholebeans.

“In a world of instancy, this expresses a celebration of the gentle mind, body and soul”

Ivica Cvetanovski
Founder, Coffea Circulor, Sweden

Roasted light based on conduction and moderate heat application with world class skill and care. Extensive roast, moderate inceptive heat that decreases and a ramp that leads into a very humble crack. We focus on enhancing the expression of florals and fruity acidity.

- Overview

Singular and exclusive: The Ethiopian Gesha is an exposé to a coffee connoisseur as a magic trick is to the mind.

Far to the west in Ethiopia, only kilometers from the South Sudanese border, are the dense and wild jungles of Bench Maji. A high plateau is the home of the luminous Gesha variety: Gesha Village. 

Near the border of South Sudan is the dense wild forests of the Bench Maji zone. This is the home of the luminous Gesha variety. High elevation, ample rainfall, fertile soil and temperate climates are crucial natural factors required to produce coffee of excellent quality.

This Gesha is a selection from the diverse forest population that closely resembles the Panamanian Geisha. This selection was made by looking at the plant morphology, bean shape and size, as well as its cup profile.

Cherries are picked, placed on raised African beds and sun-dried for 18 to 30 days with the whole coffee cherry intact in thin layers. A parabolic plastic cover is used during evenings for increased air-flow to prevent creation of mold. The cherries are thereafter tagged to indicate their origin and tracked to follow their way from the mill to export. 

With this relatively minimal lot we are looking at how we can apply our roasting algorithms at specific varieties. In the future, we see that some varieties might become more prominent which enables us to have an advantage in the sense of how to isolate specific varieties for optimal roasting.

- Brewing Recommendations

Coffea Circulor's World Brewers Cup recipe for V60 “1:1:1”: 20g coffee. 300g of water. 100g of 20 second pours in 3 total pours at 0:00, 1:00 and last pour at 2:00. Finish at 3:00. Adjust only grind size and water temperature.

- Water Recommendations 

Use water with balanced mineral content to optimise flavour and character. Keep Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) between 25-50 ppm or mg/l. Coffea Circulor advise a temperature between 93-95°C for the best brewing experience.

- Additional information

Flavour: Apricot, cherimoya, wild strawberry, cola, peach, white tea
Origin: Bench Maji, Meanit Shasha Woreda, Oma, Ethiopia
Varietal: Gesha 1931
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1931-2040 metres above sea level
Cupping score: 92.00

Made by Ethiopia. Finished in Scandinavia.
Brightness of Flavours
Balanced & Pleasing
Medium Balanced
Balance of Flavours
Well Balanced