Coffea Circulor

Colombia Hero/368 La Palma & El Tucan Gesha Natural Anaerobic 82h Coffee

Apple Blackberry Lavender Papaya & Mango Pineapple Strawberry
Dispatched from Coffea Circulor
(earns 180 Taste Points)
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This coffee is only available as wholebeans.

“A true iridescent emerald, a hummingbird among coffees, a symbol of all the good things that exist and can be created”

Ivica Cvetanovski
Founder, Coffea Circulor, Norway & Sweden

Roasted light based on conduction and moderate heat application with world class skill and care. Prolonged roast, high front up heat that subsides and an intense and elegant aroma of strawberry fragrance follows us through to the first crack with a swift finish.

- Overview

The vision of LP&ET resonates fully with Coffea Circulor's “Made in their respective countries. Finished in Scandinavia” ideology.

When Felipe Sardi and Elisa María Madriñan first arrived to the land for growing specialty coffee, a biologist friend was invited to analyze the landscape. By helping to identify native flora and fauna, they asserted that two rare species were cohabiting the farm: the Emerald Toucan and the endangered Wax Palm.

Filipe believes in the power of nature. His aspiration is to learn how to design effective and productive ecosystems by working with nature and not against it. La Palma & El Tucan is transcending from monoculture into a polyculture, meaning the plantation will soon look more like a forest than a coffee plantation. By relying on biodiversity, along with an intensive organic fertilization program, it will generate more desirable results in terms of production yields and plant defense mechanisms. This is a bold and risky approach, yet an honest trial and opportunity for the future. 

The farm is eighteen hectares, four of which remain a wild primary forest. The fourteen hectares in coffee production are separated into five plots: Gesha, Sidra, SL28, Typica and Java. This explicit lot numbered 368 has undergone an 82 hour anaerobic fermentation with careful attention to picking by an elite team of female cherry pickers.

The Gesha Heroes Series crop makes up 10% of the farm’s production and is the result of impressive achievement: a true gem admired for its processing and quality scoring achievements. Presented in 25kg boxes (2 bricks weighing 12.5kg each) where only 100 boxes are available per year worldwide. We are grateful to have acquired the lot numbered 368 for you to relish - a true gem.

- Brewing Recommendations

Our World Brewers Cup recipe for V60 “1:1:1”: 20g coffee. 300g of water. 100g of 20 second pours in 3 total pours at 0:00, 1:00 and last pour at 2:00. Finish at 3:00. Adjust only grind size and water temperature.

- Water Recommendations

Use water with balanced mineral content to optimise flavour and character. Keep Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) between 25-50 ppm or mg/l. We advise a temperature between 93-95°C for the best brewing experience.

- Additional Information

Flavour: Apple, mango, pineapple, strawberry
Origin: Cundinamarca, Colombia
Varietal: Gesha
Process: Natural, Anaerobic, 82h
Altitude: 1740 metres above sea level
Cupping score: 94.5

Made by Colombia. Finished in Scandinavia.

Brightness of Flavours
Balanced & Pleasing
Delicate & Thin
Balance of Flavours
Well Balanced