Coffea Circulor

Coffea Circulor Angel and Evangelists Eco-Cotton Tote Bag

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Brand: Coffea Circulor
Merch Type: Tote Bags
Merch Specification
Material(s): Cotton & Polyester
Colour(s): White
Size(s): Large
Usability: Travel Friendly
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Coffea Circulor Angel and Evangelists Eco-Cotton Tote Bag

Angels and Evangelists. Be a coffee angel evangelist. These long handle tote bags are great for all your grab and go needs. They feature cross stitching on handles for more stability, screen print and they are made of 100% cotton fabric. 

Every logo has a set of variables that make up an identity. Coffea Circulor's variables shaped our identity which is born from nature, carved by the coffee grower to be sculpted by the roaster and relished by you. Coffea Circulor's logo comprises of an angelic female symbolising mother nature, embraced by divine wings made up of beautiful coffee branches and leaves. Only through her can coffee be created, as she presents by holding and offering coffee cherries.

Makers of Transparency in Trade, Pricing and Quality Grading. Coffea Circulor's mantra is “Sharing stories that matter”, which they have done since 1998 and formally since 2010 while pertaining to “Made by their respective countries. Finished in Scandinavia”, relating to the fact that coffee belongs to the producers and coffee producing countries. We should be happy to be able to have their products.

- 100% cotton
- One size
- Cross stitching on handles
- One sided print
- Size 40x30cm 
- Handles extend approximately 24cm

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