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 Sourced and roasted with consistency and accessibility in mind, the Daily Blend is a progressive response and reboot of the traditional classic coffee. Sweet and clean with a low acidity, this is the blend that you will find us brewing at home and enjoying in Caravans restaurants after dinner.

The signature flavour profile of dark chocolate, brown sugar and praline is achieved through a seasonal rotation of fresh crop coffees that steadily flow through Caravans roastery. Each lot selected for the blend has been rigorously tested by Caravans roasters, buyers and QC team, several times over, before making it into your grinders and your cup. This careful and methodical approach ensures that with each new addition to the blend, consistency and quality is never sacrificed.

Caravans sourcing for this blend predominantly focusses on seasonal harvests from South America and Asia. All of the coffees that feature in The Daily, are the result of countless trips to origin, where they work directly with all of their producers to build secure, reliable, and transparent supply chains.

In the cup, The Daily has a deep sweetness, reminiscent of demerara sugar, that sits comfortably alongside a deep, rich, chocolatey body, that is equally suitable for both black and milk based beverages.

  • Flavours: Dark Chocolate, Nutmeg, Caramelised Plum
  • Origin: Guatemala, Kenya, Indonesia
Brightness of Flavours
Smooth & Gentle
Creamy or Silky
Balance of Flavours
Well Balanced