Caravan Coffee Roasters

Decaf Primavera Family Coffee

Apple Maple & Treacle Raisin
Dispatched from Caravan Coffee Roasters
(earns 45 Taste Points)
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Most decaf coffees are blends scraped together from lower grade coffees and processed en masse, without any distinguishing features or terrior. Then, typically, flavours are further covered up by dark roasting, a process that removes acidity or sweetness. The result is a cup with nothing remarkable or memorable whatsoever. Voila: decaf’s bad reputation is born.

Thankfully for you, Caravan disagree with the status quo. Caravans newest decaf offering has been sourced from just seven farmers through their partnership with Primavera, a Guatemalan based importing company. All seven farms are located in the small town of San Antonio Huista, in the highlands of Huehuetenango. As Guatemalan lovers will know, this Central American country produces some of the most complex and beautiful coffees in Latin America, with notes that range from creamy caramels to green apples and fresh florals. Primavera worked with these seven farmers to source a decaf lot that would preserve some of these amazing flavours, and taste great as espresso or filter.

When roasting a decaf, Caravan take care not to scorch or overdevelop the beans, as the decaf process makes the beans more delicate than their caffeinated counterparts. Caravan look for sweetness first, bringing forward those caramel and chocolate notes which will support the coffee in any type of brew method. Then, they balance it out with just a touch of acidity, created by the farmers themselves, representing both the place and people who created it. Caravan are proud to present the Primavera Family Decaf as an equal member of the Caravan Coffee lineup,  looking past the decafs of times past and into what the future may hold. 

  • Flavours: Malt Loaf, Apple, Black Treacle
  • Origin: Guatemala
  • Varietal: Caturaa, Catuai, Bourbon
  • Process: Fully Washed, C02 Decaffeination 
  • Elevation: 1550-1650 metres above sea level
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