Tea Ministry

Super Food Organic Supertea Selection

Fennel Ginger & Turmeric Liquorice Mixed Berries Moringa Tangerine & Orange
Dispatched from Tea Ministry
(earns 90 Taste Points)
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Supertea is a collection of organic blends, based on super foods, including super teas, super herbs, super fruits and/or super spices. Organically sourced in small batches. Created by Teministeriet (Tea Ministry) In Sweden.

The Super Food selection contains a box of each of the following:

- Matcha Mandarin 
- Aronia Berries 
- Moringa
- Turmeric Ginger
- Liquorice Fennel

Each box contains 20 individually wrapped biodegradable tea bags.

Brightness of Flavours
Balance of Flavours