RivSalt Rock Salt Taste

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(earns 110 Taste Points)
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RivSalt Taste brings your cooking to a completely new level. The four salt rocks (240g) truly look like gemstones on their own, but also fit nicely together on the RivSalt Kitchen wood board making them a striking centrepiece of your food prep area. Every rock originates from different parts of the world and, as a result, all have their own taste.

1. Kala Namak salt – India (black rocks)

Shimmering black rock salt with unique exotic fragrance and flavour, ideal for spicing indian and oriental dishes. Min 97% NaCI

2. Halit salt – Pakistan (transparent/white)

Crystal clear cubic rock salt, very intense natural salt taste, suitable for all everyday dishes. Min 99% NaCl

3. Rose salt – Bolivia (pink)

Pink rose quartz rock salt, mild/sweet taste, suitable for meat and vegetable dishes. Min 98% NaCI

4. Alpine rock salt – Austria (brown)

Visually striking red-brown rock salt, very intense taste, best used on dark meat dishes. Min 87% NaCI