RivSalt Nutmeg

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Nutmeg is known for its warm, spicy aroma and wide use. You often find it in pumpkin pies and cakes, but it can also give sweet and savoury food that extra kick of flavour. From a savoury perspective, nutmeg is especially suited for creamy or cheesy dishes, such as lasagna, creamed spinach and mashed potatoes. Then for sweet dishes, you can add freshly grated nutmeg to custards, pancake batter and banana-based desserts. You could also stir some into your chocolate mousse, sprinkle Nutmeg shavings on top of hot chocolate or an espresso. Taste it. Smile. Have some more.

Nutmeg should be grated, not ground, freshly onto hot food at the end of the cooking process. That’s how you preserve the flavour of its fresh oils.