Artisan Roast

Cobblestone 2020 v2 Blend Coffee

Almond & Praline Caramel Mixed Berries
Brazil Colombia
Dispatched from Artisan Roast
(earns 40 Taste Points)
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Inspired by the cobbled streets of rural Latin America this premium blend is laden with caramel sweetness, berry fruit flavours and a roasted almond finish.  This seasonal blend changes through the year and the coffees are always fresh, delicious and Latino.

Cobblestone is a fresh, juicy espresso blend with a medium body and harmonious balance of caramel sweetness, underlying berry notes and a bright citrus acidity. It's inspired by the beauty and diversity of Latin America, the ever changing landscapes, cultures and people, the seemingly endless range of coffee flavours to be found throughout the region, and of course Latin vibrance. Throughout this diversity, a constant that harmonises the coffeelands bringing a sense of cohesiveness to the region are idyllic rural towns, draped in history with brightly painted houses that line ever present cobbled streets.

Version two of 2020 is a new, delicious and fruit forward combination of two coffees.  First up is a new coffee to the blend, a fruit driven natural processed coffee from Márcio Custódio and Heitor Botelhos farm CETEC in Sul de Minas, Brazil.  Marcio and Heitor are born innovators and their coffee is a great represetation of how the science of coffee farming has evolved and to allow lush, juicy berry like naturals to be produced by Brazilan farms.   This particular coffee is an extended fermentation lot bursting with plum, green mango and berry fruit.

  • Flavours: Caramel sweetness, berry fruit flavours and a roasted almond finish
  • Origin:40% La Virgen (Colombia), 60% Fazenda CETEC (Brazil) 
  • Varietal: Caturra/Colombia/Castillo, Catuaí 144
  • Process: Washed and Natural Processes 
  • Altitude: 1050 - 1800 metres above sea level
Brightness of Flavours
Bright & Crisp
Medium Balanced
Balance of Flavours
Well Balanced