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Brazil Osmar & Gabriel Nunes Coffee

Grape & Gooseberry Tangerine & Orange
Dispatched from Ancoats Coffee Co.
(earns 60 Taste Points)
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This coffee is available as wholebeans only.

This coffee lot is the result of Ancoats owner, Jamie Boland, sourcing trip to Brazil last year and is the second coffee he chose on the trip (after the Danilo Barbosa coffee used in theircurrent house espresso, Warehouse City). This naturally processed Catuai is a superb example of a clean, fruity Brazillian coffee. 

With a rounded, malic white grape acidity up front, followed with bags of tangerine juiciness and classic Brazillian-cocoa on the finish - this is an easy, interesting and moorish coffee to drink. Ancoats chose to roast this on the medium side of things to really highlight the sweet, fruity elements but this would’ve easily taken a slightly fuller espresso roast also.

The history of Nunes Coffee Farm began with livestock as cattle ranchers but Osmar ventured into the world of coffee back in 1984, when he planted 10 hectares for his first crop of Arabica and the rest is history. Today he believes it was one of the best decisions of his life. The love for coffee was then passed naturally on to his son Gabriel, an agronomist who shares his father’s passion for coffee. Osmar attributes to his son the implementation of new techniques and management, which ensured the improvement of the quality of the coffees year by year and you can see this clearly in the final cup you drink!

The coffees harvested at the Nunes Coffee farms are rated as among the best in the world. They are winners of national and international awards, including the coveted Cup of Excellence award in 2017 for Brazil Pulped Naturals.

Osmar and Gabriel attribute this to the daily implementation, dedication and the use of innovative processes and advanced technologies. It is agreed that there isn’t a readymade recipe for an award-winning harvest, so every year between 10 and 15% of coffee plants are renewed to ensure consistently high-quality harvests. “We always participate in competitions as a way to evaluate our product and this has been very welcome”, says Osmar. According to Gabriel, “Nunes Coffee farms are in a privileged region, with ideal altitude and little rainfall during the harvest. This results in high-quality coffees, but it is also necessary to stand out to the consumer. That’s why we continue to invest in technology, to improve the handling and also to experiment with some controlled fermentations to improve our beverage”.  

The farm is located in Patrocinio, Minas Gerais state. The Cerrado Mineiro region is renowned around the world as a high-quality producing origin, the first “Designation of Origin” region in Brazil. Having well-defined seasons - a hot, wet summer and pleasantly dry winters is a strong characteristic of the region. The Nunes farm has an altitude of 1215masl, which means very careful processing of the coffee is required, such as the use of raised African beds for drying. Everything has to be controlled tightly to ensure the final quality in the coffee. This is a micro-lot of 18 bags, with the remaining 7 bags of this lot going to Maiden Coffee Roasters, New Jersey, USA. The coffee was dried naturally on patios for 20 days before being prepared for shipment. 

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Flavours: White grape, tangerine, cocoa
Origin: Patrocinio, Brazil
Varietal: Catuai
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1215 metres above sea level
Roast: Medium/Espresso

Brightness of Flavours
Balanced & Pleasing
Medium Balanced
Balance of Flavours
Well Balanced