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Heavy Bodied Coffees, Enjoy Those Dark Roasted

Dark denotes something rather negative, perhaps even sinister. However, there is nothing negative, nor sinister about this curation. Whilst often referred to as less complex or less intrinsically flavourful, these speciality coffees provide that roasted flavour and aroma that is tantamount to that early-morning – or late night for some of you cool cats out there - feel-good buzz that brings you back to you.

For any of your boffins out there that love the facts and love them fast, we’ve got one for you right here - if measured by weight, caffeine content is virtually equal in light roast and dark roast coffee, but if measured by scoop, light roast will have slightly more coffee due to the density of the coffee. Debunking misconceptions is always something we’re good at. The relative strength of the dark roast flavours also allows it to be used in a more concentrated fashion, which requires lower quantities and so has traditionally made it a great choice for making espresso. That being said, these roasts are versatile enough for just about anything, it really just depends on the depths of your imagination and your willingness to achieve greatness in all that you do… or just what your preference is – you do you, bro.

Embrace your dark side today with the GUSTATORY dark roast coffee box subscription, available in 1, 2 or 3 coffee bag quantities, as either wholebeans or pre-ground, all tailored to your chosen brewing method and flavour preferences - personalise your very own European Coffee Tour during your subscription checkout.

Outpost Sitio Samambaia Wholebeans Coffee
Example | Outpost (UK)
MOK Rich Kid Wholebeans Coffee
Example | MOK (BE)
Flying Horse Peru El Gallito Wholebeans Coffee
Example | Flying Horse (UK)
Yallah Trust Wholebeans Coffee
Example | Yallah (UK)
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