Type Of Coffee - Cafetiere

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GUSTATORY Type Of Coffee - Cafetiere
GUSTATORY Type Of Coffee - Cafetiere

All French Press (Cafetiere) Coffee

Arguably the most common method of converting your ground coffee into a delicious coffee brew, the French press - or cafetière - is an inexpensive cylinder with a simple filtering plunger. More precisely known as an 'infusion brewer', the cafetière allows ground coffee particles to infuse with water and in doing so creates a uniform taste. Unbeknown to most, the plunger's metal mesh has holes tactically sized to allow some of the coffee grind to find passage into your cup to give a richer body taste. In simplicity, however, comes issue and often at the bottom of your cafetière you will find sludge; we wouldn't recommend tasting this as it may be unpleasant. For further information, discover our trusted instructions and tips for the French press (cafetiere) coffee brew method.

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