Tribes Of Mokha

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GUSTATORY Tribes Of Mokha
GUSTATORY Tribes Of Mokha

Caravan Speciality Coffee Roasters

Discover specialty grade coffee from Yemen, a historical origin where the traditions and methods of coffee farming have been preserved through centuries.

Located at the southern most corner of Asia and the Middle East, Yemen, also known as the happy Yemen is one of the oldest living civilisations. For millennia it served as a major trading point between the far east and west through ports such as Aden, Hodeidah and Mokha. Coffee was among the most important trading commodities. Yemen’s fertile land and advanced irrigation system led to ancient Romans calling it Arabia Felix, which means Fortunate Arabia in Latin.

Coffee appeared on the world stage in 15th century Yemen. It was first brewed by Sufi monks to stay awake during night prayers. Yemen would go on to become the first country to cultivate coffee commercially and later on serve as the catalyst to many of the coffee regions and varieties we know and enjoy today. The coffee cultivating methods used centuries ago remain the same today. Farms are set high on terraced mountains and are mostly nourished by natural fertilisers. The remote nature of terrace farms adds to the already complex conditions of farming and sourcing that is all done by hand and traditionally produced.