Quarter Horse

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GUSTATORY Quarter Horse
GUSTATORY Quarter Horse

Quarter Horse Speciality Coffee Roasters

Located on Bristol Street in the Southside area of Birmingham, Quarter Horse opened their roastery and cafe in Februrary 2015. Roasting their own beans is an exciting venture that allows them to source high quality green beans from around the world, and freshly roast them for their customers. With the roaster in sight from the cafe, you are able to go by and see how the roasting process works, aiming to roast some of the best coffee in the UK.

Quarter Horse select beans by quality and seasonality, then test-roast them in small batches. Their team then evaluates them by flavour and roast their favourites of these for use in their shops and for their customers. Quarter Horse are one of the only coffee roasters in the country to roast in-house and within full view of their cafe.