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PekoeTea Tea Makers

Pekoe Tea has gone from a small market stall and online order business to where they are today, importing teas directly from around the world and creating their own blends in-house. The centerpiece of Pekoe Tea is their tea shop on Leven Street in Edinburgh, where their customers can taste some of the finest teas available in the world, prepared traditionally and always with an interest in and respect for the origins and culture of tea.

Pekoe Tea's passion for tea has led them to visit tea-growing areas around the world including China, India, Sri Lanka and Kenya and in the process they have discovered a world of flavours and aromas from hand-made and single estate teas that are only now starting to become better known in the UK. The tea maker's focus is to bring the best teas available to their base in Scotland and to share their discoveries and expertise. To do this, Pekoe Tea have built personal relationships with growers and producers around the world and trade directly with them. This way, not only do they get access to some of the finest teas available, but they also have the inside story on how they are produced as well as the history of why and how the methods came to be. Building these personal relationships is key, but Pekoe Tea are also accredited by the Ethical Tea Partnership. All of Pekoe Tea's teas are imported into Edinburgh and packed by hand, with their full range available to taste in their Edinburgh tea shop. Enjoy...