Volcano Coffee Works

Fullsteam Blend Coffee

Almond & Praline Date & Fig Mixed Spices
Dispatched from Volcano Coffee Works
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Available: 200g only. Our signature Fullsteam blend is bursting with stone fruit and ground almond flavours and finishes off with a hint of liquorice spice - no wonder it’s one of our most loved coffees. Enjoy it as an espresso or sip it as a longer cup with milk.

It’s produced in Peru’s Junín province, where the lush jungle, mountainous landscape and moderate climate offer perfect growing conditions. Each farmer is supported by ACPC Cooperative, which helps provide a stable income, training and social projects.

Origin: Peru, region: Chanchamayo, Junín, altitude: 1220 - 1600 masl, process: washed.

Brightness of Flavours
Bright & Crisp
Creamy or Silky
Balance of Flavours
Well Balanced