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Ineffable Speciality Coffee Roasters

Ineffable Coffee Roasters kicked off as a project through which they aimed to help shed a different light on the Spanish coffee culture. The founders have a collective experience of over 10 years living in different countries and cities such as Cape Town, Istanbul and the United Kingdom where the specialty coffee industry is firmly recognised and established. Having a solid experience in working with specialty coffee as baristas, roasters and trainers in well-established businesses, the co-founders have all now returned home excited to share and keep learning.

The team are made up of Omar, Jose and Alejandro; they have all had a different experience in the specialty coffee industry and now have joined forces together. Focussing on all of roasting and wholesale, training and consulting for specialty coffee shops, Ineffable Coffee Roasters aim to develop lasting relationships and alliances with the people we work with through service, fair trade and transparency every step of the way. Looking for people who are as excited as they are to do things well, Ineffable Coffee Roasters' partners all convey and offer a truly unique coffee experience.