Blackcode Espresso Colombia Brazil Blend Coffee

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Brand / Roaster: NORD Coffee Roasters

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Notes: Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, Cherry, Pomegranate.

Our number one bestseller, BLACKCODE is a great connection of modern, high-quality espresso with flavours typical to coffee: chocolate and hazelnut. To create this wonderfully bold, round, full-bodied blend, we use Colombian beans from the Narino region, which are combined with pulped, natural Brasilian Ametista beans. As a blend, it boasts a range of flavours, including hazelnut, milk chocolate, cherry and even pomegranate, and will leave a sweet vanilla and caramel aftertaste. BLACKCODE is a well-developed, bold, rich medium-roast blend, and is designed to enjoy both as an espresso and with milk. It is accessible for all.

Method Washed & Pulped Natural. Producer La Florida & Brasilian smallholders. Region Nariño Matituy & Minas Gerais. Varietal Caturra, Colombia, Castillo & Red Bourbon. Elevation 1,750 to 2100 masl.

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