Cold Brew Coffee And Nitro

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GUSTATORY Cold Brew Coffee And Nitro
GUSTATORY Cold Brew Coffee And Nitro

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Cold brew and iced coffee are often confused but actually two completely different drinks. The key difference is in the extraction process - Cold Brew is brewed cold (shocker), whilst iced coffee is brewed hot but then cooled down. The result is a creamy and sweet taste profile that can be enjoyed all by itself (no need to add milk). Nitro coffee follows the same process as cold brew, although with this method, the cold brew is infused with nitrogen gas to allow it to be served on draft (or in a can, like those we have available in our cold brew selection).

To be more specific, cold brew is steeped in coffee beans in cold water for up to 24 hours, which allows for that smooth and concentrated flavour to develop. The lack of heat also reduces the level of degradation and oxidation that occurs, which is what leads to that acidic aftertaste that can develop through conventional roasting methods. If this is an element of the flavour that just doesn't compliment your palette, maybe you should give a cold brew a try. Discover, compare and shop directly from all our trusted independent brands.