Coffee From Burundi, Malawi, Rwanda & Zambia

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GUSTATORY Coffee From Burundi, Malawi, Rwanda & Zambia Rwanda

Coffee From Burundi, Malawi, Rwanda And Zambia

This group of countries are located in a particularly resourceful part of Africa due in no small part to its abundance of large natural lakes. First, Burundi, coffee from this small landlocked country is both fruity and juicy, and in equal measure very complex. Malawian coffee, by contrast, is simply sweet and clean-tasting, and only moderately fruity. Rwandan coffee is similar to that of Burundi, particularly tasty in terms of fruits and freshness; floral notes can also be tasted. Lastly Zambia, a landmass that is larger than all three of the aforementioned countries combined, such may be a contributing factor as to why it is considered by many as producers of some of the world's best coffee. Coffees from this African nation are highly complex with lots of fruity, bright and characterful flavours.