Brewup Coffee Four Pack Taster Coffee

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Brand / Roaster: Brewup Coffee

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Available: 227g whole beans only x 4 

The Brewup taster pack contains all 4 varieties of their coffee, perfect for those looking for variety in taste but consistency in quality and roasting ethos.

Local Blend Wholebean Coffee Our local blend is perfectly balanced with coffee beans from Costa Rica, Colombia and Brazil. This blend has a truly smooth and balanced flavour for enjoying all day, every day. It combines mild caramelization with slight acidity to make a perfectly palatable coffee experience that ends with a lingering, slightly sweet finish.

Breakfast Blend Wholebean Coffee Our breakfast blend is perfectly balanced with coffee beans from Brazil and Honduras. This blend combines intense flavours with an energetic punch, perfect for that very first cup of Joe in the morning. To complement its robust body, the dark glistening beans brew a bold cup of coffee and release nuttiness with smoky overtones.

Italian Blend Wholebean Coffee Our Italian blend is perfectly balanced with coffee beans from Colombia, Ethiopia and Peru. This blend produces an elegant, dark brew with chocolate flavours. A royal partnership is formed between the distinctive earthy aroma and its bittersweet undertones. This provides coffee lovers with a velvety rich European taste.

Espresso Blend Wholebean Coffee Our espresso blend is perfectly balanced with coffee beans from Latin America, Colombia and Brazil. This blend is chosen with great care from only high-grown, hard-bean coffees that are dense enough to stand up to this roast. This balanced, full-bodied espresso brew a bold cup with notes of roasted nut, dark cocoa and forest fruits with a pronounced long bittersweet finish.

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