Ethiopia Haru Small Batch Coffee

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Brand / Roaster: Sabins

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Cup Profile: Honeysuckle and Bergamont.

Gedeo extends south from the Sidama zone and is surrounded by the Oromia region with Guji bordering to the East. Situated in the Ethiopian Highlands which has little altitude falling below 1500masl, and is home to Ras Dashen, the highest mountain in Ethiopia, 10th highest in Africa. In Ethiopia, Kebele’s are grouped to form Woredas, Woredas into Zones, and Zones in to regions. It is common to find variation amongst spellings of places due to the language not readily translating in to Western Languages, often leading to different interpretations of spellings. The Haru Cooperative has been part of the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union since 2003. Founded to better bring connections to the farmers from the outside market, and better quality to the market from the farmers, the YCFCU now has 23 member cooperatives. The Coffee from this cooperative is a little unusual, in that it wet processed as usual, before very often being subjected to a second soak after processing, in a way similar to Kenyans. This should create an extra clean coffee and often lends itself to improved clarity and complexity in the cup. The varieties themselves are often referred to as heirloom, though, having high genetic diversity means that what is heirloom in one area is not a guarantee of the same characteristics as an heirloom from another region. Kumie (kurume, kudhume) is often labelled as yirgacheffe or yirgacheffe type, and is quite a small bean, whilst dega is more widely spread and wolisho typical in the highlands.

Country: Ethiopia, Region: Southern Nations, Nationalities and People, Zone: Gedeo, Woreda: Yirgacheffe, Kebele: Haru.

Farm: Haru Cooperative, Altitude: 1750 – 2300m, Varieties: Kumie, Dega, Wolisho, Harvest: October – January, Process: Natural and Washed

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