Empire Espresso Blend Coffee

Caramel Cocoa
Brazil Colombia Ethiopia Guatemala
Dispatched from OZONE
(earns 45 Taste Points)
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Ozone's flagship espresso blend has constantly evolved over the years but the goal has always stayed the same – pack as much sweetness, chocolate and caramel into an espresso as possible, along with the most, rich, smooth silky body achievable. The components change throughout the year in-line with the availability of fresh crop but Ozone work hard to maintain the taste profile and quality in the cup – a trusty friend of theirs that they can count on time and again.

The name Empire originates from Ozone's hometown, New Plymouth in New Zealand – Empire is the name of the first café that offered this blend. Ozone  loved the idea so much that ever since, many a successful new venture has put their faith in their trusty friend.

  • Flavour: Nougat, milk chocolate, caramel
  • Origin: Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia 
  • Farms: Nova Aliancia, Minas Gerais, Brazil / Santa Izabel, Minas Gerais, Brazil / El Yalcon, Huila, Colombia / Mokonesa, Guji, Ethiopia / San Patricio, Palencia, Guatemala
  • Varietal: Mundo Novo, Catuai, Yellow Bourbon, Colombia Caturra, Ethiopia Heirloom, Bourbon, Caturra, Catisic, Catimor, Pacamara




Brightness of Flavours
Smooth & Gentle
Creamy or Silky
Balance of Flavours
Well Balanced