Long & Short Coffee

Dambi Udo Ethiopia Coffee

Blueberry Papaya & Mango Strawberry
Dispatched from Long & Short Coffee
(earns 45 Taste Points)
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Available in 200g only.

Flavours: Strawberry, blueberry and rose petal

Named after the area in which this coffee originated from, Long and Short bring you the Dambi Udo. Coffee farming is a relatively new past time for this specific area but with the support of Buno General Trading (BGT) they have been given all the tools and support needed to set them on the road to develop remarkable coffees, such as this one.

This particular coffee has been grown from farms as high as 2100 metres above sea level by young farmers who are keen to leave their stamp within Africa’s highly decorated coffee ensemble. Farmers efforts are further rewarded with bonus payouts for picking the ripest of coffee cherries to ensure the utmost quality.

The Dambi Udo showcases trademark flavours from the Guji zone with tasting notes of blueberry and strawberry compote over sweet scented florals. Naturally processed these flavours are further enhanced to help bring out the winter berry funk and to create an ultimately bright, complex and jammy coffee.

African coffees are known for their brightness and extremely fruity nature, so they are usually preferred as pour over filter or as long black for espresso based drinks. Due to the delicate floral qualities, Long and Short recommend trying this one black so that these are preserved, but of course, there are still many who prefer this type of coffee in milk etc, so to each their own!

It is recommended that you consume this coffee between weeks 2 to 4 after its roast date, but of course, try it before or after too.

Brightness of Flavours
Balanced & Pleasing
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