Ato Ethiopia Coffee

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Brand / Roaster: Long & Short Coffee

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Available: 200g only.

This coffee is from a privately owned farm in Guji — easily Long and Short favourite coffee growing region in Ethiopia for its trademark florals thanks to the almost mythical terroir.

Ato Esmael and his family have owned the Kayon Mountain farm since 2012, where they planted Heirloom varietal coffee trees on the 240 hectare plot, in the midst of a natural forest high up in the mountains between 1900-2100 metres above sea level.

Naturals display an interesting and very different ‘funk’ to the usual washed process coffees and this lends to itself to aromatics of berry fruits, all the way from the grind through to the brewed cup. Make sure you get a good whiff of the fresh grounds and identify the strawberry and violet florals followed by a white chocolately finish that lingers on the tongue.

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African coffees are known for their brightness and extremely fruity nature, so they are usually preferred in filter or as long black for espresso based drinks. Due to the delicate floral qualities, Long and Short recommend trying this one black so that these are preserved, but of course, there are still many who prefer this type of coffee in milk etc, so to each their own!

Ethiopian coffees are also screaming to be consumed via filter. Therefore, Long and Short also recommend to try this using the V60 without any stirring to avoid muddling the flavours, and particularly to avoid losing the florals.  Slow, even, spiral pours throughout.

Long and Short recommend consuming this coffee between weeks 2 to 4 after its roast date, but of course, try it before or after too.

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