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PB Handege Kenyan Coffee

Black & Redcurrant Mixed Florals Mixed Fruits
Dispatched from Brew Coffee Plus
(earns 70 Taste Points)
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A fantastic Kenyan (Handege) coffee with notes of forest fruit, blackcurrant, rose water, florals and elderflower.

This AB lot was produced by numerous smallholder farmers, all of whom are members of the Ritho Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS) delivering to Handege Coffee Factory (as washing stations/wet mills are called in Kenya). The factory is located around 5 km from Gatundu town, in Kenya’s Kiambu County.


The name “Handege” is derived from Ndege, the Swahili word for aeroplane or bird. We aren’t quite sure why that connection has been made, but it is certainly appropriate, as we expect this delicious coffee to FLY out of our warehouse.

Varietal(s) - SL28, SL34 & Ruiru 11, Processing - Fully washed & dried on raised beds, Altitude - 1,800+ metres above sea level

Region - Kiambu County, Central Province, Town - Ngenda Division, Gatundu District, Owner - 500+ smallholder members deliver to the washing station; FCS = 1,097 active members, Farm - Handege Factory; Ritho Farmers Cooperative Society


Brightness of Flavours
Bright & Crisp
Medium Balanced
Balance of Flavours
Well Balanced